" Here is a big shout out in praise and admiration for Meghan Mankins and Mankins Performance Horses in Buellton with the awesome Travis Mankins as the talented trainer and Meghan as the visionary of the outfit. We have boarded our  horses there for a while now and had a horse in training but today we had to say goodbye and move our crew to our northern California home where some of my family live full time whereas I am still here in the valley. I just wanted to say in a public way how much I have appreciated the Mankins open arms, unconditional friendship and not to mention, top notch horse advice, training and care. It has been a real pleasure getting to know them and their son. I encourage anyone out there needing friendly, non snarky, non political, non social ladder, common sense, horse centric, easy going help with their horses (and yourself) to give Meghan a call and see what they can do for you or at minimum, attend a clinic or two. You will get new found confidence and feel pretty darn good about every minute you spend with the Mankins. I'll miss the puppy growing up darn it! :) Thank you Meghan and Travis for everything you did for us. We will treasure your friendship always. I hope to see all of you again down the trail somewhere." ~ Sharon Currie

"The Mankins are awesome! They are dedicated to the well being of their clients on every level. They love horses, love helping people, and are very, very skilled at coaching and training! I have had an incredible amount fun in the past several years working with Travis & Meghan on TLC Little Indian. We have learned so much and I can't thank them enough!~ Rebecca Gilda

“Rebecca you were a joy in our lives. Your love for Bugsy and riding will live on. Forever in our hearts."~ Travis and Meghan Mankins

"All the photos, videos, text, emails kept up to date on my boys progress, I know I picked a very considerate and knowledgeable faculty, thanks for all the work you’ve done with Ringo." ~ Michelle Thompson

C L I E N T  S U C C E S S

Angie Cherni (click image to view video).

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"Travis has helped me step up in showing my 6 year old, getting better stops and better positioning on the cow. He did such an outstanding job with my 4 year old that in her first year showing she places 1st in the CCHA Open Boxing with limited training but lots of lessons for us. Meghan and Travis treat you like family when you ride with them, it is a great feeling." ~ Angie Cherni

2200 W. HWY 246, BUELLTON, CA  93427     |     (805) 550-8309     |     LESSONS@MANKINSPERFORMANCEHORSES.COM​

"Sorry but the bar has been set high Travis. 1 lesson, 1....and Cachorro's back in the 1D, my green horse brings home the 2D avg buckle.  Just so you know this is what I'm expecting from here on out after a lesson no pressure" ~ Krista Williams

Dulce Joe owned by Lisa Ingram (click image to view video).

"I’ve been looking for a way now for a while to thank Travis for everything he’s done for Reata and myself the last few months. Finding people like him who are honest and hard-working especially in the horse world is rare and to me that friendship is worth a lot. Him and I have talked in my lessons about how valuable a cow dog is to him and what he does. And howHis dogs were getting older and couldn’t work for as long as he needed them too. When I saw a good friend of mine post her puppies for sale I knew that would be the perfect gift. I hope this puppy shows the appreciation that I really have for both you and Meghan Mankins and for making  me feel so welcome at MPH. More importantly I hope that he can help you turn back for many years to come." ~ Ashley Salter

"Patient and knowledgeable! Love Travis and Meghan, couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn the ropes of cow horses with my two year old." ~ Paige Winters

"I won this beauty today. Didn't expect to, but am so proud of Shotgun!! He did such a great job at the Mankins Mock Show. A huge thanks to Mankin Performance Horses, Travis and Meghan Mankins for their endless support and excellent training. These mock shows are invaluable in helping build confidence and making successful riders and horses." ~ Michelle Thompson

"Travis has been my rock. Frustrated, I was ready to just quit riding. Travis explains in a way I could understand. He pushes you just enough to get the results you looking for. After Travis leggings our mare Dulce Joe up after 7 years of being a broodmare. We entered her in CCCHA. What a year it was. The highlight was ending the year with Travis taking her to the winner's circle."~ Lisa Ingram

Play Jax owned by Chris Mock (click image to view video).